03.03. — 08.03.2024

JEAN MÜLLER at the light+building 2024

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We are looking forward to welcoming you at our booth (hall 11, B40) at the light+building 2024, in Frank­furt. light+building is the inter­na­tional meeting place for manu­fac­turers from the lighting, elec­trical engi­neering, home and building automa­tion and connected secu­rity tech­nology sectors.
Come and meet us at our booth to explore our prod­ucts and services.

light+building 2024
Hall: 11.0 | Stand: B40
Messe Frank­furt GmbH
Ludwig-Erhard-Anlage 1 | 60327 Frank­furt am Main, Germany

We would like to invite you to our expert lectures at the Tech­nology Forum in hall 12.1:

Sunday, 03.03.2024 | 11.40 — 12.00 h: Digi­tal­i­sa­tion of low-voltage distribution
Tuesday, 05.03.2024 | 10.00 — 10.20 h: Fuse technology

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    NH fuse switch discon­nec­tors TOKEO
    Converting the energy supply calls for new prod­ucts. TOKEO uniquely combines the protec­tion of down­stream lines and systems with new possi­bil­i­ties for energy data acqui­si­tion. With the TOKEO gener­a­tion of switch strips, elec­trical engi­neering is both safe and smart.
    NH switch discon­nector fuses SASILplus
    A user-inde­pen­dent jump switchgear with manual or motor drive ensures a clearly defined switching speed, and with that a switching capacity of up to 120kA. Exten­sive acces­sories installed ex works in 2‑, 3- or 4‑pole versions allow a high degree of flex­i­bility in plant plan­ning. SASILplus creates safe and reli­able low-voltage main distributions.
    Enclo­sures and distri­b­u­tion boards 
    The product range of enclo­sures and distri­b­u­tion boards includes service entrance boxes and pillars, small distri­b­u­tion pillars and stan­dard cable distri­b­u­tion cabi­nets as well as low-voltage distri­b­u­tion boards. Enclo­sures are avail­able both empty for customers to install their own equip­ment or fully equipped and ready for connec­tion. You have the benefit of our compre­hen­sive detailed knowl­edge of fuses, switchgear and enclo­sure tech­nology in the imple­men­ta­tion of your wishes and requirements.
    NH fuse switch discon­nec­tors KETO
    The KETO discon­nector gener­a­tion allows devices of sizes 000 to 3 to be combined just as desired. Differ­ences in size are adjusted to a uniform cover cut-out with the avail­able compo­nents for touch protec­tion. Many of the func­tions are inte­grated across all sizes, for instance for cover support levels at 32mm, 60mm, 70mm and 90mm above the top of the busbar. This ensures the optimum system inte­gra­tion. Vari­ants for base­plate mounting, busbar and DIN rail mounting offer the right solu­tion for any application.
    From compact designs to inte­grated elec­tronics, rail-mounted bus connec­tors for easy connec­tion to our care­fully devel­oped patch tech­nology that means you only have to plug in a cable to instantly start up the system, we have a wide range of features to make the handling easier for you. All the inte­grated measuring devices store the required data, which you can then read out and analyse at your leisure.
    Fuse links
    The tradi­tional fuses that we started with over 125 years ago are still part of our product range today. Based on our unique expe­ri­ence, we have continued to develop prod­ucts right down to the fuses for demanding special appli­ca­tions such as photo­voltaic systems. In conjunc­tion with our NH fuses bases, the D and D0 fuse range and our HH fuse links in the IKUS series, our prod­ucts will ensure you’re always on the safe side.