Here at JEAN MÜLLER we aim to provide perfect solu­tions for switchgears, and we do so with the most diverse compo­nents that offer you problem-free tech­nology, flex­ible options and easy handling.

From compact designs to inte­grated elec­tronics, rail-mounted bus connec­tors for easy connec­tion to our care­fully devel­oped patch tech­nology that means you only have to plug in a cable to instantly start up the system, we have a wide range of features to make the handling easier for you. All the inte­grated measuring devices store the required data, which you can then read out and analyse at your leisure.

Safe tech­nology, inno­v­a­tive possi­bil­i­ties, easy handling and compact design – this is what sets our intel­li­gent elec­tronics apart.


Our systems are designed to be put into oper­a­tion quickly and safely. Natu­rally, our skilled tech­ni­cians are also always avail­able to you, either on-site, by phone or by video confer­ence, for instance to assist with further para­me­ter­ising / analysis and indi­vidual visualisation.


Energy moni­toring module PLPlano
The smallest intel­li­gent energy moni­toring module for fuse switch

— Easy installation
— Customer para­me­ter­ising using DIP switches
— Data inter­face for ModBus or CANBus(PLVario)
— Reduced wiring

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JEAN MÜLLER Elek­tronic comprises a wide range of different product vari­ants. Choose the perfect product for your appli­ca­tion from our online product catalogue.