The KETO discon­nector gener­a­tion allows devices of sizes 000 to 3 to be combined just as desired. Differ­ences in size are adjusted to a uniform cover cut-out with the avail­able compo­nents for touch protec­tion. Many of the func­tions are inte­grated across all sizes, for instance for cover support levels at 32mm, 60mm, 70mm and 90mm above the top of the busbar. This ensures the optimum system inte­gra­tion. Vari­ants for base­plate mounting, busbar and DIN rail mounting offer the right solu­tion for any application.

The new KETO-000 offers you the option of increasing your number of outlets without having to accept any major losses in perfor­mance. The KETO-000 is designed so that two of these devices fit exactly in the same instal­la­tion space as the size 00. This gives you two outlets of up to 125A instead of one of up to 160A.

NH fuse switch discon­nec­tors are used in the areas of building instal­la­tion, switchgear and control system construc­tion as well as in energy supply. The contact systems allows for safe switching under load, with the fuse links forming the mobile contact. 


Reversible adap­ta­tion to rails 5mm and 10mm thick.


Easy conver­sion from bottom cable outlet to top cable outlet. 


Exten­sive range of acces­sories to adapt to yourapplication.


KETO – a new gener­a­tion of NH fuse switch disconnectors

— Unified cutout dimen­sion from size 00 to size 3
– Intu­itive functionality
– Versions for base­plate mounting and 60mm-busbar systems 

Busbar mounting: 4 sizes – 1 system

– Flex­ible system adaptation
– Time-saving mounting and handling
– Vari­able modular system
– Exten­sive protec­tion against acci­dental contact

Mounting on DIN-rails: Flex­ible and strong

– Reli­able fixa­tion on 2 DIN rails
– Vari­able distance between DIN rails
– Easy to retrofit

Handling: Safety in each detail

– Patented access to measure­ment ports
– Touch­free fuse-ejection
– Space-saving parking position

Moni­toring and locking cabability

– Double switch-posi­tion-indi­cator in each unit
– Retro­fittable locking device
– Sealing device as standard

Fusing on closest space: KETO-feeding-disconnector

–Inte­grated busbar feeding
– Busbar supports can be built over
– Convert­ible feeding up / down

Cable terminal options: Always the best connection

– Convert­ible cable terminal
– Captive box terminal
– Possi­bil­i­ties for two-conductor connection

Fuse-moni­toring: 3 solu­tions – 1000 possibilities

Inde­pen­dent from feeding direction 

ES10 and ES light:

– Phase-selec­tive display


– Fault simu­la­tion and standby-indicator
– Collec­tive fault message NO/NC

Montoring of fuse-links with striker-pins

– Can be retro­fitted in the stan­dard device
– Large baffle plate for reli­able operation
– Micro-switch with high switching capacity (10/3A resistive/ind.)

KETO 1‑, 2- and 4‑pole

– Base­plate mounting / busbar system
– Sealing/locking eqip­ment, switch posi­tion indi­cator and possi­bility to inte­grate a contact for a stiker-pin fuse
– Stacking with connec­tion kit can be done by customer

KETO is completely KETO-000

– Halb so breit wie der KETO-00
– Voll inte­griebar in das restliche KETO Programm
– Als Abgang unten so wie Abgang oben verfügbar


KETO series NH fuse switch discon­nec­tors cover a wide range of the most diverse product vari­ants. Choose the perfect product for your appli­ca­tion from our online product catalogue.