fuse links for low and high voltages

The tradi­tional fuses that we started with over 125 years ago are still part of our product range today. Based on our unique expe­ri­ence, we have continued to develop prod­ucts right down to the fuses for demanding special appli­ca­tions such as photo­voltaic systems.

While the main­te­nance-free fuse always limits the impact on systems and compo­nents in the event of a short circuit, special appli­ca­tions require specific solu­tions. Fuses for safe work and semi­con­ductor protec­tion must act partic­u­larly quickly, while fuses for the protec­tion of trans­formers are adapted to indi­vidual require­ments – and photo­voltaic systems bring their own unique chal­lenges: As well as handling high DC volt­ages, our fuses have been opti­mised for the narrow band between permitted oper­ating current and typi­cally low short-circuit currents. 

In conjunc­tion with our NH fuses bases, the D and D0 fuse range and our HH fuse links in the IKUS series, our prod­ucts will
ensure you’re always on the safe side.

120 years of expe­ri­ence in fuses.
A wide range of appli­ca­tions, from line protec­tion to highly complex semiconductor
or battery protection


NH fuses are the all-rounder in fuse links for the protec­tion of elec­trical systems and lines.


Highly specialised fuse links for the protec­tion of semi­con­ductor elements


NH fuse bases in various sizes (base­plate mounting and busbar mounting).


Compact D‑fuse inserts suit­able for use by non-profes­sionals; with a high switching capacity.


High-voltage high-perfor­mance fuse links protect your switchgear reli­ably and economically.


Protect your expen­sive PV compo­nents against damage with specially devel­oped and tested photo­voltaic fuses.


„Without SILVER the lights will go out“


JEAN MÜLLER fuses cover a wide range of the most diverse
product vari­ants. Choose the perfect product for your application
from our online product catalogue.