switch discon­nec­tors with fuses for a perfect system

A user-inde­pen­dent jump switchgear with manual or motor drive ensures a clearly defined switching speed, and with that a switching capacity of up to 120kA. Exten­sive acces­sories installed ex works in 2‑, 3- or 4‑pole versions allow a high degree of flex­i­bility in plant plan­ning. SASILplus creates safe and reli­able low-voltage main distributions.

Regard­less of where energy is to be distrib­uted safely, SASILplus ensures the energy supply is not only safe, but reli­able as well. 


As the strip auto­mat­i­cally produces a contact, it only needs to be pushed into place. No fiddly, millimetre-precise posi­tioning; no securing with screws –simply attach the strip guide and push SASILplus in like a drawer.


You will also notice the weight advan­tage of SASILplus when you install it, as you can quickly inte­grate or replace the strips in large switch cabinet open­ings by inser­tion, even under tension.


Because we at JEAN MÜLLER like to think ahead and also consider things from our customers’ point of view, we incor­po­rate addi­tional safety features that also make their work easier. Our inter­lock func­tion prevents strips from being inad­ver­tently being installed or removed when they are switched on.


Instal­la­tion in cabinet systems
Stan­dard­i­s­a­tion creates benefits –
form 4b of the internal subdi­vi­sion creates

–Same instal­la­tion dimen­sions width / depth
– 25mm grid for all device heights

System acces­sories

– Busbar supports
– Strip guides
– Covers for busbars, cable connec­tions and blank panels
– Female connector for plug-in auxil­iary circuits
– Switching inter­lock / assembly lock
– Cable sepa­ra­tion covers
– Extract tool

Current trans­former assembly
Current measure­ment made easy

— Retro­fittable by customer
— Pre-assem­bled wiring harness for wiring to connector
— Contacting posi­tively driven when plug­ging SASILplus
— Assembly options 1‑pole, 3‑pole, 4‑pin (2 x in L1)
— Cali­brated and certi­fied for class 0.5 and 0.2
— Moving-iron instru­ments for instan­ta­neous measuring
— Bimet­alic instru­ment for average measurement
— Plug-in instruments
— Scales for vertical and hori­zontal mounting

Energy manage­ment with SASILplus
Contin­uous data acqui­si­tion and processing –
the base for the tech­nology of tomorrow
Measuring sensor EE07

— Ongoing moni­toring / measure­ment of all rele­vant current- and voltage-data in 3‑phase power network
— Safe wiring with RJ-45 connectors
— Config­urable via PLMas­ter­plus or PLVario-NET

RJ-45 inter­face

– Data trans­mis­sion from measuring sensor EE07
— Serial CAN-BUS communication

Fuse moni­toring unit ES07

– Signaling of fuse-status by poten­tial-free relay contacts
— Local display of fuse-status by LEDs (1 LED per phase)
— Internal power supply
— Operate delay for correct signaling

Double-break contact system
Perfor­mance and reli­a­bility by using a revo­lu­tionary new contact system

— User-inde­pen­dent snap-action mechanism
— High short-circuit strength up to 120kA
— High switching capacity up to AC23B
— Quadruple interruption
— Reli­able isola­tion for fuse-replace­ment with quadruple interruption
— Low wear by pre contact system

SASILplus — busbar coupler
Safe discon­nec­tion of busbar systems with SASILplus busbar coupler

— NH3/630A — Module height 150mm
— Connec­tion / discon­nec­tion of two 2- or 3‑pole busbar systems 185mm
— Isola­tion of entire units or sections
— Safe sepa­ra­tion of system by using busbar separation
— Optional: Total current measure­ment of all down­stream outgoing units

Low power-loss power trans­mis­sion with SASILplus 1000V
Special design 1000V – The solu­tion for special applications

— Enables low power-loss power trans­mis­sion over long distances
— Utiliza­tion cate­gory AC22B / 160A
— Easy design and construc­tion due to stan­dard equip­ment dimensions

SASILplus 2‑pole for DC applications
SASILplus DC – the safe switching device for UPS Systems

— Usage in DC systems up to 440V DC
— Busbar system 2 x 185mm = 370mm
— Utiliza­tion cate­gory DC-22B/220V, DC-21B/440V
— Rated condi­tional short circuit current 35kA
— Current measure­ment with shunt

Auto­mated standby power supply with SASILplus MOT
Remote control with SASILplus MOT

— Acqui­si­tion and change of switching state via remote data trans­mis­sion from the control station
— Auto­mated or semi-auto­mated network control
— LEDs for fuse-moni­toring, switch-posi­tion, status display
— Local control possible
— Tech­nical para­me­ters similar to stan­dard devices
— Combi­na­tion with manu­ally oper­ated SASILplus discon­nec­tors possible
— Oper­ating buttons can be locked with up to 3 padlocks
— Oper­ating-mode selector switch
— Remote control
— Local control
— Locked
— Manual oper­a­tion in case power fail of the control voltage by means of emer­gency function

SASILplus double pluggable
Bene­fits of the double plugable SASILplus

— Highest availability
— Fully plug­gable (in- and outgoing) main- and control circuit at the smallest room
— Remov­able part according DIN EN 61439–1:2012–06
— Same dimen­sions as SASILplus Standard
— No cable discon­necting necessary
— IP2x protec­tion from all sides
— Compat­ible with SASILplus Stan­dard acces­sories (excluding EE07)
— Combi­na­tion with SASILplus Stan­dard possible
— Same tech­nical data as SASILplus Standard

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