Change in German metal prices

16. February 2022

We received short-term the infor­ma­tion that the copper DEL quota­tion known to all of us will be suspended as of Monday, 14 February 2022 and will no longer be published.

In order to be able to main­tain the base prices for existing and new orders, we have worked out a new calcu­la­tion method, which will continue to be trans­parent and compre­hen­sible for you.

The LME quota­tion of the London Stock Exchange, which is avail­able to everyone, will now serve as the basis.
The now was deter­mined on the basis of the differ­ence between the last DEL quota­tions and the corre­lating and the corre­lating LME prices.
The resulting average value is added to the LME price accordingly.

As a result, this means a surcharge of +1.5% on the LME quotation.
We will use this value instead of the DEL quota­tion until further notice.