22. June 2023

The smallest NH fuse switch discon­nector of the KETO series is now also avail­able for base­plate and DIN-rail mounting.

Together with the KETO family and our D fuse switch-discon­nec­tors, it is the perfect addi­tion for appli­ca­tions where many outgoing circuits have to be real­ized in the smallest possible space.
The small overall width allows the arrange­ment of two KETO-000 exactly on the same space of one KETO-00.


KETO-000 in detail:
- Rated oper­a­tional current 125 A
- Rated oper­a­tional voltage 690V AC
- Overall width 53 mm
- Base­plate or DIN rail mounting (acces­sories required for DIN rail mounting)
- Option­ally two microswitches for switch posi­tion indi­ca­tion
- Use of labeling systems (Phonix UCTM)
- Inte­grated locking device
- Cable connec­tion top or bottom available

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