Project description 

The tran­si­tion of elec­trical energy networks into a sustain­able, intel­li­gent supply system requires tech­nical solu­tions for elctrical equip­ment that can be imple­mented easily, quickly, flex­ibly and inex­pen­sively into the existing infra-struc­ture. With the project „Digi­tale Verteil­netze mit struk­turi­erter Betriebs-führung (diNET-SB)”, the inno­v­a­tive approach of a digital low-voltage distri­b­u­tion with inte­grated measure­ment tech­nology will be tested under real tech­nical condi­tions in a field test. The dynamic system control is orga­nized by a data­based and struc­tured orches­tra­tion approach.