Impact on supply chains

3. March 2022

Dear Sir or Madam,
In the current situ­a­tion, we are repeat­edly receiving inquiries, whether JEAN MÜLLER’s supply chains are affected by the war in Ukraine or the sanc­tions against Russia and Belarus. In this regard, we can inform you that we do not purchase any mate­rial directly from Russia, Belarus or Ukraine, so that direct effects on our mate­rial supply can be excluded. In addi­tion, JEAN MÜLLER do not depend on as many suppliers as other compa­nies due to our very depth manu­fac­turing range. For this reason too, we see our ability to supply assured, despite the diffi­cult circumstances.

No one can predict today whether funda­mental prob­lems in the supply of plas­tics or metals, espe­cially copper, might arise in the fore­see­able future. In such a case, the JEAN MÜLLER company would of course also be affected, but this is pure spec­u­la­tion at the present time.

Manage­ment of Jean Müller GmbH Elek­trotech­nische Fabrik