Oper­a­tional safety in elec­trical distri­b­u­tions is essen­tially depen­dent on the connec­tion tech­nology. We offer direct
connec­tion termi­nals and tabs in various sizes for the most diverse require­ments. They are cost-effec­tive alter­na­tives to
cable lugs.

Our direct connec­tion termi­nals guar­antee a low voltage drop and
high short circuit resistance.


Our steel box termi­nals have an energy
store. This compen­sates for a decrease in
contact pres­sure resulting from creepage of
the aluminium conductor and load


We have a number of solu­tions to make
removal of the cable as easy as possible.
Either the terminal fits over the insu­la­tion and
only needs to be pushed back after
short­ening / strip­ping the wire, or the terminal
can be opened. The stripped wire is then
inserted and the terminal completed again.


The special construc­tion of our printed
pieces with trans­verse ribs ensures that the
oxide layer is effi­ciently broken through. Our
RM300 is made entirely of aluminium, and
so has the same thermal expansion
coef­fi­cient as the conductor.


Cable connec­tion options
Terminal clamps for direct connection:

– V steel box terminal KM2G‑F: 25 — 240mm²
Easy instal­la­tion: insert wire, connect wire, put clamp back to the lug, ready
— V steel box terminal KM2G: 25 — 300mm²
Flex­ible clamping range by rotating pres­sure plate, panning tech­nique by remov­able clamping nut, perfect for stranded and flex­ible conductors

Screw terminal:

– Size 1: M10
— Size 2 and 3: M12

Stud bolt connection:

– Size 1, 2 and 3: M12
— Wiring compart­ment covers alignable

V box terminal RM300
Bene­fits of the V box terminal RM300

– All parts made of aluminium for the perfect clamping
– Low power loss thanks to BYPASS technology
– Wide clamping range from 25 to 300mm² re/rm/se/sm
– High nominal torque of 32Nm (from 95mm²)
– Contact pres­sure by fine thread and cone pres­sure piece
– Optional shear head screw
– Also suit­able for copper conductors

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