SASILplus – Switch disconnectors with fuses for a perfect system

For trade fairs and exhibitions, major events and industrial production – whatever your requirements, SASILplus makes your power supply not only safe but also very easy to implement.

As the strip automatically produces a contact, all you need to do is insert it. No fiddly, millimetre-precise positioning, no fixing with screws – simply attach the strip guides and push SASILplus in like a drawer.

You will also notice the advantages of SASILplus during installation in terms of its weight, as you can quickly integrate or replace the strips in large switch cabinet openings by insertion, even without switching off the voltage.

An intelligent solution which, combined with PLVario, transforms conventional switching technology to achieve state-of-the-art energy data acquisition.

Additional safety premium

Because here at JEAN MÜLLER, we like to think ahead and see things from our customers' point-of-view, we incorporate additional safety features that also make their work easier. An interlock function stops strips from being inadvertently installed or removed when switched on.

The advantages at a glance:

  • User-friendly working
  • Faster installation and removal thanks to strip guidance
  • High availability
  • Interlock function increases safety
  • Innovative combination of conventional switching technology and modern energy management
  • Extensive product range with accessories that can easily be retrofitted for more flexible system planning

Product videos