nh strip-type fuse switch discon­nec­tors sl

Safety, reli­a­bility, perfor­mance and flex­i­bility are char­ac­ter­is­tics that are asso­ci­ated with
JEAN MÜLLER NH fuse switch disconnectors.

NH strip-type fuse switch discon­nec­tors satisfy all the require­ments of the power grid oper­a­tors and industry for power distri­b­u­tion in grid and trans­former stations, cable distri­b­u­tion cabi­nets and low-voltage distri­b­u­tion boards. NH fuse switch discon­nec­tors for converter instal­la­tions are the basis for effi­cient energy management.

NH strip-type fuse switch discon­nec­tors in various sizes, designs, connec­tion options. Flex­ible solu­tions for your energy distribution.


High load switching and short-circuit
switching capacity due to controlled arc


Safe instal­la­tion under voltage as the
contact system is always protected.


Combi­na­tion with measuring and monitoring
compo­nents for SMART GRID applications.


NH strip-type fuse switch discon­nector with intel­li­gent PLPlano module
The smallest smart power-moni­toring module for strip-type fuse-switch-discnnectors

– Easy installation
— Customer config­urable by DIP switches
— Data inter­face for ModBus or CANBus (PLVario)
— Reduced wiring

Product range SL – Presentation
SL product range – Basic features

– Size 00 (160A), 1 (250A), 2 (400A), 3 (630A)
— Special versions up to 2000A
— 1‑pole and 3‑pole switchable
— for busbar systems 100mm and 185mm
— Touch protected according to IP30 from front side
— High switching capacity (up to AC23B)
— High short-circuit strength (up to 120kA)
— Low power loss
— High-quality plas­tics (self-extin­guishing and halogen-free)
— Safe and powerful even under harsh conditions

Instal­la­tion safety
Safe and easy installation

– 3 turning locks with clear posi­tion indication
— Touch protec­tion IP1X even during assembly
— Retractable lever
— Lock­able parking posi­tion in ON and OFF position
— Customer-defined cable connec­tion at top or bottom side
— Coded contact cover for correct installation
— Inte­grated terminal cover
— Name­plate read­able from front side

Cable terminal options
Terminal clamps for direct connection:

– V steel box terminal KM2G‑F: 25 — 240mm²
Easy instal­la­tion: insert wire, connect wire, put clamp back to the lug, ready
— V steel box terminal KM2G: 25 — 300mm²
Flex­ible clamping range by rotating pres­sure plate, panning tech­nique by remov­able clamping nut, perfect for stranded and flex­ible conductors

Screw terminal:

– Size 1: M10
— Size 2 and 3: M12

Stud bolt connection:

– Size 1, 2 and 3: M12
— Wiring compart­ment covers alignable

1‑pole switch­able version:

– Easy removal of the actuator
‑Safe inter­lock for grip­ping lugs
— Solid handle for fast switching
— Inte­grated parking position

Version with retractable handle:

– For flat cable distri­b­u­tion cabi­nets with max. 170 mm instal­la­tion depth

3‑pole switch­able version:

– Long lever for easy and fast switching
— Secure, lock­able parking posi­tion with up to 3 padlocks
— One-hand operation
— Good visi­bility of fuse-link data and centre indicator
— Safe access for voltage tester at input and output side

Inte­grated current measurement
Inte­grated current trans­former for your power management

– SL00: up to 160A with inte­grable current transformers
— SL1, 2.3: up to 1000A with inte­grable current transformers
— Same instal­la­tion depth as stan­dard strips
— Secondary current 1A and 5A
— Accu­racy class 1 and 0.5 (class 0.5s on request)
— Pre-wired stan­dard types
— Wiring kit with termi­nals as accessories
— Certi­fied versions upon request

Fuse-moni­toring unit ES00
Fuse-moni­toring unit ES00 –
one for all applications

– For size 00 to size 3
— Inte­grated power supply
— Rated voltage 400–690VAC
— Oper­a­tion indicator
— Blown fuse indi­ca­tion per phase
— Collec­tive fault indi­ca­tion 1 NO / 1 NC
— Suppres­sion of fault indi­ca­tion Y1/Y2
— Compact design

DELTA-contact system
Patented DELTA-contact system

Three func­tional elements:

Sacri­fi­cial electrode:

– controlled arc guidance
– no erosion of the main contacts

Line contacts:

– maximum contact pressure
– low contact resistance

Short-circuit inter­lock:

– high switching capacity up to AC23B
– high short-circuit making capacity up to 120kA

Switch-posi­tion indicator
Switch-posi­tion indi­cator by means of microswitch

– For retrofitting
— Snap-on mounting
— 1 changeover contact
— Load capacity up to 5A / 250V AC

Piggy­back fuse adapter
Piggy­back fuse adapter in flat design

– For tempo­rary power supply services
— With indi­ca­tion of rated current of fuse
— Cable plug with inte­grated strain relief
— For NH-fuse size NH000 up to 100A
— Applic­able in all NH-strip-type fuse-switch-discon­nec­tors size 1 to 3

Instal­la­tion with busbar clamps
Instal­la­tion without drilling
by means of busbar clamps

– or retro­fitting to all NH strip-type fuse­ways and NH strip-type fuse-switch-disconnectors
— Isolated by clamp cover on rear side
— Instal­la­tion on flat busbars with 5–10mm thickness

Blank panel cover and name plate
Cover systems for retrofitting

–Blank panel covers
– screw assembly
– quick closing technology
— Addi­tional nameplates

Incoming discon­nec­tors 910A and switch-discon­nec­tors with locking device
Incoming discon­nec­tors SL3-910A

– For secondary protec­tion of 630kVA transformers
– For all classic appli­ca­tions of power utilities

Incoming fuse-switch-discon­nector SL3-910Aplus

– Ith = 1000A
– With addi­tional contact
– For harsh oper­a­tional conditions
– For long-lasting full load conditions

Incoming switch-discon­nec­tors SL3-1000A with mechan­ical inter­lock (MV)

– Rated short time with­stand current Icw = 25kA
– Safe and visible sepa­ra­tion point for LV distri­b­u­tion panels

Ganged strip-type fuse-switch-discon­nec­tors up to 2000A
Multi-conductor connec­tion for double-switch disconnectors

– Handle connecting kit for ganged disconnectors
– Carrier for iden­ti­fi­ca­tion label
– Busbar railing kit for cable
– 3 x 300mm²
– 4 x 240mm²
– Terminal cover for double strip
– Also avail­able in pre-mounted versions for 1250A, 1600A and 2000A

V box terminal RM300
Bene­fits of the V box terminal RM300

– All parts made of aluminium for the perfect clamping
– Low power loss thanks to BYPASS technology
– Wide clamping range from 25 to 300mm² re/rm/se/sm
– High nominal torque of 32Nm (from 95mm²)
– Contact pres­sure by fine thread and cone pres­sure piece
– Optional shear head screw
– Also suit­able for copper conductors

nh strip-type fuse
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