Fuse-links for low and high voltages

The traditional fuses that we started with over 100 years ago are still part of our product range today. Based on our unique experience, we have further developed products right down to fuses for demanding special applications, such as photovoltaic systems, for example.

While the maintenance-free fuse always limits the impact on systems and components if a short-circuit occurs, special applications require specific solutions. Here, fuses for safe work and semiconductor protection must break fault currents especially quickly, fuses to protect transformers are adapted to individual requirements and photovoltaic systems bring completely different challenges. As well as handling high DC voltages, our fuses have been optimised for the narrow band between the permitted operating current and typically low short-circuit currents.

In conjunction with our NH fuse-bases, the D and D0 fuse range and our HH fuse-links from the IKUS series, our products always bring you peace of mind.

The advantages at a glance:

  • NH fuses for a broad range of applications
  • Highly specialised fuse-links for protecting semiconductor devices
  • Fuses for photovoltaic systems (protecting your investment)
  • NH fuse-bases in various sizes (directly mounted or on busbars)
  • D-type fuse-links with high switching capacity (can be used by lay people)
  • High-voltage, high-performance fuse-links for protecting transformers

NH fuse-links in the Online Product Catalogue

D-type fuse-links and components in the Online Product Catalogue

NH fuse-bases and strip-fuseways in the Online Product Catalogue


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