Enclosures and distribution boards

The enclosure and distribution board product range includes service entrance boxes, service entrance pillars, small distribution pillars and standard cable distribution cabinets – plus low-voltage distribution boards.

The enclosures are available both empty for customers to install their own equipment, or equipped and ready for connection, in the form of distribution cabinets or switchgear combinations. This way, we can offer our customers very special advantages: we design and produce enclosures, switchgear and fuse links ourselves according to the most stringent quality standards.

The result is virtually a complete package, which combines high-tech standards to create solutions with the maximum degree of individuality. All produced from a single source to work in perfect harmony.

So wherever the drill holes are, whichever components need to be combined – we can take care of the job, from advising you to providing you with the best possible solution.


The advantages at a glance:

  • Enclosures, switchgear and fuses all work in perfect harmony
  • Components designed and produced in-house
  • Individual solutions, incl. consulting
  • Our distribution and equipment cabinets (DIN EN 60439 – IEC 60439/DIN 43629) satisfy all the requirements of distribution network operators and industry (applications in power distribution and energy usage).
  • Sturdy design of cable distribution cabinets
  • The upper cabinet and base are combined to form a secure unit with 4 screws

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