Our systems are designed to be put into service quickly and easily. But our expert engineers are of course at your disposal, if you need help with more extensive parameterisation or analysis.

And if you require even more service, we will happily set up our software on your system in such a way that you can visualise precisely the details that are important to you.

Here at JEAN MÜLLER, we aim to provide perfect solutions for switchgear and we do this with a range of components that offer you problem-free technology, new options and simple handling.

From a compact design to integrated electronics, from our rail-mounted bus connectors for simple connection to our carefully developed patch technology, which enables you to start up the system immediately simply by inserting a cable – various features make handling easier for you. All the integrated measuring instruments store the required data, which you can then read out and analyse at your leisure.


The advantages at a glance:

  • Disconnectors, strips or SASIL - we offer perfect solutions for switchgear
  • Compact design
  • Integrated electronics
  • Problem-free connection thanks to rail-mounted bus connectors
  • Fast, error-free cabling using patch technology
  • Storage of data
  • Automatic system configuration (PLVario)
  • Modular system with minimal installation effort
  • System-specific software programming

Electronics in the Online Product Catalogue



The smallest smart power-monitoring module for strip-type fuse-switch-discnnectors

  • Easy installation
  • Customer configurable by DIP switches
  • Data interface for ModBus or CANBus (PLVario)
  • Reduced wiring