prod­ucts for elec­trical power distribution

NH switch discon­nector fuses SASILplus

Elec­tricity supply is not only very safe with SASILplus, but is also extremely easy to handle!

NH fuse switch disconnectors

Keep it safe and smart! TOKEO — the new NH fuse switch discon­nector Fuse protec­tion with a kiss!

NH fuse switch discon­nec­tors

NH fuse switch discon­nector series SL ‑proven switchgear in various sizes, designs, connec­tion options.

NH fuse switch discon­nec­tors

KETO, the sepa­rator series with patented voltage testing and vari­able field control in all sizes.


Safe tech­nology, inno­v­a­tive possi­bil­i­ties, easy handling and compact design — this is what sets our intel­li­gent elec­tronics apart.

Fuse links

With over 120 years of expe­ri­ence, we are the specialist for safety fuses. We offer you a wide range of prod­ucts for
the elec­trical protec­tion of your machines and staff.

Enclo­sures and distri­b­u­tion boards 

Proven and inno­v­a­tive enclo­sure, switchgear and fuse tech­nology to the highest standards! 

Service entrance box

Service entrance boxes for the safe and TAB-compliant transfer point between the distri­b­u­tion network and customer systems.


We have a wide range of termi­nals in different sizes for a wide range of applications.

presenting the
JEAN MÜLLER app (coming soon)

The new JEAN MÜLLER app JMEx­pert and the JM-DTL-Code® together form the inter­face to the digital world. All product data and docu­ments are avail­able in prac­ti­cally no time at all with just one scan.