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13. August 2020

SASILplus threaded bushings of the strip guide

The corona virus has also interrupted supply chains at JEAN MÜLLER.

This affects threaded bushings which are installed in the strip guides of SASILplus. In order to become independent of this supplier and to ensure the supply of the customers, JEAN MÜLLER changed the strip guide.

In all SASILplus strip guides are currently two threaded bushes per side made of brass.

As an alternative, a special self-tapping screw is now used for the plastic screw connections.
A the selecting the screw, higher pull-out forces were aimed for. This was confirmed by tests. This ensures that this solution is equivalent or better than the previous solution with threaded bushes.

From 1.9.2020 the screws will be added to every SASILplus strip,
packed in a bag (4 screws per SASILplus strip).

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