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22. August 2018

SASILclassic has reached the status „End of Life“

SASILclassic was replaced by SASILplus in August 2008. JEAN MÜLLER has been delivering replacements for SASILclassic for the last 10 years,this phase ends now (1.10.2018).

The exchange / retrofitting of SASILclassic systems with SASILplus is given, except for the version with the energy acquisition module EE05.
In order to continue using the PLMaster energy monitoring system for customers with SASILclassic strips and built-in energy data acquisition module EE05 we recommend using SASILplus strips and wiring the integrated CTS to a PLSensor II module. The PLSensor II module is integrated into the RS485 network of the PLMaster and the energy monitoring continues to function.

If you should need SASILclassic strips with EE05 as a spare part (16-pin SKL already wired; conversion on the 16-pin SKL too complex), please order them immediately.

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