New Code of Conduct at JEAN MÜLLER

1. November 2023

We are pleased to announce that JEAN MÜLLER is proud to have adopted a new Code of Conduct. As a leading provider of elec­trical connec­tivity and safety solu­tions, it is impor­tant to us to uphold ethical stan­dards and integrity in all our busi­ness practices.

The new Code of Conduct serves as a guide for our employees and busi­ness part­ners. It sets out the funda­mental values by which we aim to act, including honesty, respect, fair­ness and respon­si­bility. The Code of Conduct defines clear rules of behav­iour and expects everyone involved to adhere to them.

Our aim is to promote a corpo­rate culture based on trust and integrity. The Code of Conduct supports us in this by ensuring that we adhere to the highest ethical stan­dards in all aspects of our busi­ness activ­i­ties. It addresses issues such as anti-corrup­tion, data protec­tion, human rights and envi­ron­mental protection.

We are convinced that the new Code of Conduct will help to further strengthen the trust of our customers and part­ners. We are committed to conducting our busi­ness in a trans­parent and respon­sible manner and look forward to sharing these values with you.

For more infor­ma­tion on JEAN MÜLLER’s new Code of Conduct, please do not hesi­tate to contact us. 

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