DC Networks in Indus­trial Production

With the 6th Energy Research Programme of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy, the Federal Govern­ment supports compa­nies and research insti­tu­tions that develop inno­v­a­tive energy tech­nolo­gies. Within this frame­work, the starting signal for the cross-sector DC research project “DC INDUSTRY” was given on 1 July 2016.

A total of 21 compa­nies from industry, four research insti­tutes and the ZVEI are working together in the project to imple­ment the energy revo­lu­tion in indus­trial produc­tion and to bring more energy effi­ciency and energy flex­i­bility into indus­trial production.

The goal of the DC-INDUS­TRIE research project is to redesign the power supply of indus­trial plants via a smart, open DC grid and to digi­tize the indus­trial energy supply archi­tec­ture. This will create the indus­trial energy system of the future, a DC-based smart grid for industry.

“JEAN MÜLLER will contribute both know-how and prod­ucts to the topics of protec­tion, switching and selectivity”.

Quelle ZVEI