Our environmental policy

As a future oriented family-owned enterprise, JEAN MÜLLER is fully aware of its social responsibilities. This explicitly also includes the responsible handling of the environment.

The quality of our products sets global standards. Therefore, the development, manufacture, distribution and service are based on the continuous optimization of processes with the aim of optimizing the environmental impact, the use of energy and resources as well as the reusability.

That's Why …

  • we develop innovative products from the beginning, their impact on the environment, energy and resources are evaluated. These findings are included in the design, production, packaging and disposal.
  • we take necessary measures to prevent environmental damages and avoid the waste of any kind.
  • we encourage our employees to environmental and energy conscious behavior. Our leaders encourage this behavior in all aspects.
  • we act on our contractors regarding our orientation.
  • we cooperate with the appropriate authorities.
  • we inform the interested public about our environmental policy. We provide our customers with guidance on the sustainable use of our products.