Research Project DC INDUSTRIE:

DC Networks in Industrial Production



With the 6th Energy Research Programme of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy, the Federal Government supports companies and research institutions that develop innovative energy technologies. Within this framework, the starting signal for the cross-sector DC research project "DC INDUSTRY" was given on 1 July 2016.

A total of 21 companies from industry, four research institutes and the ZVEI are working together in the project to implement the energy revolution in industrial production and to bring more energy efficiency and energy flexibility into industrial production.

The goal of the DC-INDUSTRIE research project is to redesign the power supply of industrial plants via a smart, open DC grid and to digitize the industrial energy supply architecture. This will create the industrial energy system of the future, a DC-based smart grid for industry.

"JEAN MÜLLER will contribute both know-how and products to the topics of protection, switching and selectivity".

Quelle ZVEI